JUST RELEASED - 400 Royalty-Free Seamless Textures for 3D/Game Development on CD-ROM


Three complete royalty-free libraries in one. 400 stunning, totally original seamless textures for use in 3D game design, architectural rendering, 3D art, 2D graphic and print design





2 resolutions: 512/256

PC-MAC-Unix compatible
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Product Details

This set of texture libraries has literally been years in the making. As an award-winning traditional and digital artist, I've always demanded the highest quality when doing art either for myself or for hire. There are certainly a ton of free textures available online nowadays, but what I've found when doing 3D work, is that finding good numbers of related, high quality SEAMLESS textures, with high-quality and useable BUMP MAPS, is nearly impossible. It can take many hours or even days to scour the Internet, and test out the free textures which are available, most of which are disappointing in some way and require manual reworking anyway, or creating my own bump maps.

Since I'm a photographer as well, and own a digital SLR with nice lenses, over the years I've always collected hundreds, even thousands of photographs of textures during my many travels. I've always loved taking photos of textures I've seen in nature and urban settings, even before I delved into the world of 3D! So, I've committed over the years to scouring my vast collection of texture photos and hand-processing them myself into seamless textures that I can use in my own projects, 3D as well as 2D, textures that I am proud of.

Then, a few years back, I realized that these might be valuable to others, so I started organizing them into libraries, which I planned to market online. I even took several trips around the country just to photograph textures. Las Vegas and the high deserts of Nevada, but New York City was probably the best trip, there are so many grungy urban textures, and gothic buildings and ornamentation there. I got plenty of super-usable textures there, and am STILL processing them for future products! I'm a super perfectionist, however, and I've attempted to release this several times over the years, but never felt it was quite up to par. I even started selling a few all over the world a few years back, and could have kept it up, as people thanked me, and seemed to have problem with the quality! Yet to me, it wasn't as good as it could be, not quite up to my own standards, so I stopped. To me, some textures were old and taken with outdated equipment. And some I processed so long ago I was not nearly adept at creating seamless tiles in Photoshop, and when tiled, you could see obvious patterns. And for most, I had NO IDEA how to create high-quality bump maps. I simply used black and white versions of the textures (which many companies do today!).

Since that time, I've become an expert in Photoshop, and even held jobs where all I did was Photoshop for 10 hours per day (or more). Then when I got home, I got right back on Photoshop and worked on my own art! I even taught Photoshop. I was and still am obsessed with Photoshop! I love the program, and how it frees the artist to create whatever is in his imagination. To this day, I can sit and use Photoshop and learn something new, create a new technique and explore new creative territories.

I know... too many words. The culmination of all this, however, is this very collection of textures. It was meant to be 3 separate libraries: URBAN GRUNGE Seamless Textures, Distressed Surfaces Seamless Textures (Rusted Metal, Stone, Bricks, Marble, Wood, Interiors such as carpets), and finally, Seamless Sci-Fi Textures (Spaceship Hulls, Sci-Fi signs like you'd see in deep underground military bases and secret biotech laboratories).